Our  ‘Bibeksheel’ Vision to build a peaceful and prosperous Nepal (in our life-time)

Our vision pillar drawing -English

Only responsible citizens and accountable leadership can build a peaceful and prosperous Nepal.  Our thoughts and ideologies might differ, but if our action itself is “Bibeksheel” (one that is pragmatic and conscientious), then whatever path we take will lead us to a peaceful and prosperous Nepal. That is our belief and our vision.

  1. What kind of leadership excels (and doesn’t get corrupted)?
  2. What kind of leadership is visionary with youthful passion?
  3. What kind of leadership does not stay stuck to old ideologies but evolves its ideals with time?

In seeking answers to these questions on leadership, we have identified ‘bibeksheel’ qualities that a leader should have to deliver a peaceful and prosperous Nepal.

What does Nepal need now ?

Nepal needs a group of responsible, conscientious Nepali youth leaders who can uphold peace and stability to make Nepal prosperous.

Who are we not ?

We are not power-hungry unruly herds run by foreign hands or -ism’s who follow blindly imported ideologies of the past like communism and capitalism. We are also not a corrupt group that misuses people’s support in the name of change. We don’t believe in the stubbornness that only a single principle, ideology or philosophy will bring positive change and prosperity to Nepal.  Neither do we believe that simply signing meaningless and hollow documents of consensus after consensus will give a way out to the national problem.

We are also not that destructive force that wants to take the country and the people back to the stone age. And we are not traitors who would not hesitate to auction off national pride for the sake of remaining in power.

So who are we?

We are a group of concerned, committed Bibeksheel Nepali who have come together to uplift Nepal from its current deteriorating state and free us from the major sources of the evils that plague our society.  In short, we are not talkers, we are doers. And that is why we do not just write or go sloganeering about our values and beliefs but instead show them in our actions.
We are enthusiastic youths who are disciplined, self-confident, capable, moral, visionary with a dynamic organization. We are eager to build a prosperous future of our country and fellow countrymen. We are both the present and the future of this country.

What kind of leadership will we deliver ?

Our leadership will be selfless, daring and wise, who will work to safeguard national interests. Leadership that does good deeds in real for ordinary Nepali citizens, is the only one that can be considered to be a capable one. Bibeksheel leadership, by listening to citizens, will find local, sustainable solutions to national problems while walking on a righteous path and inspiring others to do the same.
We believe that responsible and accountable leadership will bring peace, prosperity and dignity back to Nepal and Nepali.

What are our fundamental beliefs ?

  • Believe in the path of truth and nonviolence
  • Believe in Karma or work ethics and sustainable development
  • Protect and uphold national sovereignty and independence, while maintaining friendly relations across the globe.
  • Respect and  adhere to the supremacy of law and personal freedom.
  • Be honest, transparent and responsible.
  • Believe in building the nation on the basis of equality and dignity


Our 8 pillar “BibekSheel” visions to build a peaceful, prosperous Nepal: 

Responsibility : Responsible Nepali

To be a Nepali means a Nepali who carries responsibility. A responsible citizen’s duty is to respect the rights of others.  It is also the responsibility of every citizen to fulfill their citizen duties. These duties could either come formally attached to some positions or may be informally connected to our social, family and personal activities. It is a citizen’s responsibility also to fulfill their duties out of their own good conscience, and not only because of fear of law or punishment. It is also important to understand that if majority of citizens are to become irresponsible, then it’s the people’s own taxes and resources that will unnecessarily go into finding legal remedies by the state and as a result perpetuate a vicious culture.  A Country’s’ development is possible only through a refined culture and responsible use of national resources. Until and unless citizens become responsible, this country will never be peaceful and prosperous.

Accountability: Accountable Nepali

When Nepalis start becoming accountable to their actions, then only will they become honest, hardworking and responsible. The reward or penalty a leader gets largely depends on the responsibility assumed and the fulfillment of duties by him/her. To make leadership accountable, we will create easy mediums that will put them directly accountable to the citizens. We will build structures of check and balance in the governance method. We will adopt open policies to make our government, ideals, goals and plans transparent. Thus, our leadership will be accountable not only within the limits of Nepali land and geography, but towards all human beings.

Prosperity: A prosperous Nepali

Prosperity is a fundamental right of a human. Prosperity is imperative to make sure several other fundamental human rights. A prosperous person will normally have prestige and honor as he/she can easily fulfill the basic needs of his/her family without having to beg in front of others or trample on other’s rights. She/he can offer good education to the family and empower and encourage them to stay active for the good of all.  We want to see every Nepali prosper and we are fully committed to make this dream come true. We envision an entrepreneurial revolution for a prosperous Nepal.

Empowerment: Empowered Nepali

When a particular society is empowered, only can it then be free and fair. When we are empowered, we will know how to exercise our rights, fulfill our responsibilities and be capable of defending our sovereignty. Only an empowered Nepali will have the sense to differentiate between rights and wrongs, moral discipline and a capacity to develop the nation. Empowered Nepali do not keep expectations that all their needs should be fulfilled by the government. Instead, they believe that there should be coöperation and help among the local communities themselves. Empowered Nepali are those who show their deeds by action, not words.

We will invest  the necessary resources needed to empower our communities by  making them familiar and known to the world. By doing this, they will be able to work together with self-respect and dignity. The globally linked and locally empowered communities thus will build a safer, successful and independent  Nepal.

Freedom: A free Nepali

The government does not have right to intervene in one’s personal thinking, habit, knowledge or activities. No one has the right to forcefully impose any religious, political and ethical ideals on someone’s personal self. This is the freedom. It is our responsibility to create an energized open environment for our future generations who will safeguard this world and preserve the environment. The fundamental principles of independence-innovation and creativity, should  never face social or political banning. The expressions of people we respect, will help us develop ourselves becomes the promoter and protector of this world. In the end, the right use of our freedom is what makes us highly ethical and accountable Nepali.

Diversity – United Nepali

We consider Nepal’s rich diversity as a beautiful gift. At different periods in the past, because, this diversity was not  well cherished, proper distribution of means and resources or right inclusiveness in the state power could not take place.  We will not misuse our diversity; we will use it.  We will focus to boost rural economy to end social clamor so that every local person would feel as being directly involved in the nationwide efforts of building a peaceful and prosperous society.We will offer equal opportunity to every Nepali as result of which, a  diverse society can benefit equally.

Equality in diversity, dignity in unity, peace with prosperity this will be our national motto. We are committed to establishing a meritocratic culture by correcting historical wrongs. We are confident that responsible citizens of Nepal will indeed make a stronger, united Nepal.

Citizen-centric rule: A ‘servant’ Government

A government that works for the good of its citizens will always uphold citizen supremacy and is willing to open heartedly work with them  side by side. The major duties of a pro-people, service-oriented, democratic government  is to  enable every Nepali to prosper, ensure rule of law, , and safeguard the country’s and its citizens’ prestige. The prime responsibility of a citizen-serving government is to create a nation-building environment for the citizens.  An effective citizen-serving government maintains the supremacy of the law and constitution while protecting Nepali citizens who are devoted to nation-building.    It provides strength for  every village and town to become sustainable and helps towards a sensible local self-governance.  This kind of active government will be service-oriented and accountable.

Any  citizen-serving government can only be strong when Nepalis stand united in its support. When Nepalis become one, only then can the state’s regime become service-oriented in reality. If Nepalis are to stay  fragmented and divided,  there will remain a danger of a  government becoming the people’s master than a servant. The government should never be an over-powerful master or an inefficient commercial-job providing organization.

Pragmatism : An open and evolving Nepal

The  world is ever-changing. In the past 100 years, we have come out of  dark age to the present day’s internet age. When the societies around us are prospering, we cannot stay back, detached. At these times, if we continue fighting among ourselves or with others, our existence itself will come under threat. Our aim is use timely principles, efforts and technology to develop our communities to the level where they can join shoulder to shoulder with the rest of the world.  We are for a  policy based on mutual respect and self-admiration with our two neighbors. We will tie our economies with theirs’ , to reap the fruit  of their economic progress. If we expand strong economic relations with our neighbors, we can  keep the extremist political, social or religious tensions afar.

This  foreign policy too needs to evolve in a prompt manner.  Our goal is to build such a society which is able to connect itself creatively with the pace of highest human development through positive thinking and industrial progress. We should adopt to timely change and evolve or else our existence will be wiped out. Thus,  we will use our sense to continue to keep Nepal open and on the path to prosperity.


We must create such credible structures,  where citizens do not need to rely only upon  one set of leaders,  instead get new leadership from time to time.  Let’s make our citizens self-sustaining to the extent that our leaders can spend their time working together with bright citizens  on the ambitious tasks of nation-building . This is how a prosperous and peaceful, our Nepal is build.

What will we do with these 8 pillar visions ?

We will build a peaceful Nepal –

  • where we have the sense of security and there is no situation of  conflict, killing, violence, or torture
  • where we can live a peaceful life.
  • where everyone respects the supremacy of law, that  applies equally to all.
  • where anyone violating the law, will face the consequences on a timely and proper way.

We will build an educated, prosperous Nepal

  • where our basic needs-– food, water, housing, electricity,  communication, fuel, etc are readily available.
  • where everyone will have easy access up to the University-level education and a broader ‘common-sense filled’  sentiment will develop.
  • where affordable and quality health-care is available nationwide.
  • where an able, exemplary and prosperous society is built in which everyone  can live a comfortable and happy life.

We will build an entrepreneurial Nepal –

  • where entrepreneurial culture is established.
  • where everyone’s family and future generations will get the  opportunity to prosper.
  • where everyone will have the opportunity to be affluent through hard work performed with risks.
  • where everyone can invest and swiftly develop ones’ property
  • where the citizen-serving  government will offer physical and social protection to entrepreneurial ventures
  • where basic infrastructure for industries, small businesses, agro and service based businesses will be available
  • where a conducive environment for equal and fair competition will be created and  by stopping   any monopolistic or favoritism policies from being implemented.
  • where all our means and resources – natural, intellectual and physical – will be utilized for the  welfare of our countrymen and the human being.
  • where we will support lower exchange rate (inflation) and develop  economic policies that will create the conducive environment needed for business-enterprises.

We will build Nepal into a international zone of peace that facilitates /mediates-

  • will ban wars and only use its Army for self-defense or as UN peacekeepers,
  • to create a facilitating environment to set up cordial relations with India and China.
  • play a vital role in resolving ongoing conflicts and tensions in different parts of the world

We will build a fiercely independent Nepal

  • where the feeling of independence will be equally experienced by the nation, the community, family and anyone who contributes to the betterment of humanity.

We will build a free Nepal –

  • where everyone has equal opportunity,
  • where we have legal protection of our assets – property, capital, ideas,
  • with equal rights without discrimination on the basis of  caste, age, gender, color , religious views, political views.

We will build a just Nepal

  • that will have a strong and independent judiciary,  executive and legislature, established .
  • where basic human rights are guaranteed to everyone
  • with a system that protects my rights, punishes the guilty, inspires us to become responsible.
  • where diverse people from all over the world can come, get a job, live in peace and make home for themselves and their children,
  • where diversity is celebrated and encouraged  – a mosaic society where people from anywhere in the world can migrate, call home, rise and shine.

We will build a democratic, accountable Nepal –

  • where we have the opportunity to choose our local and head of state regularly and give them a finite duration term to make a difference,
  • where we can hold our elected officials, the judiciary and financial bodies accountable to serve our needs,
  • a society where the corrupt, incompetent and vision-less do not rule over us but the intelligent, visionary and unifier among us lead,
  • an accountable Nepal in which each of us is responsible for our actions, where leaders led by examples, not by words.
  • where we will take concrete steps to institutionalize democracy.

We will build a Nepal into a shining beacon of the world –

  • where we pride ourselves as Nepali for our rich culture,  history and economic progress
  • where we feel we belong at par with the world community,
  • where the Nepali flag flies high and shines in the world as the peaceful land of the Buddha, a land of prosperity
  • where we can proudly introduce ourselves, “I am a Nepali !”

Come, Let us join hands in this ‘common sense’ quest to bring Nepal back to the path of peace and prosperity and together help the world, that awaits us.  If not us, who will ? If not now, when will we ?

Nepal ko Jaya hosh!