1. We are the Center of Excellence:

  • We under-promise, and over-deliver.
  • We are marathon runners, not 100 meter dashers.
  • We hire the best. We train our members to become the best.
  • We challenge the status quo.
  • We implement world class policies & best practices in context with Nepal


  1. We work with highest Integrity:
  • We are transparent in our actions.
  • We always do the right thing, no matter what damage it may cause to us in the short-term
  • We are straight shooters and demand integrity in principle and practice.Well-being of citizens first, those who directly engage with citizens second, and management last.
  • Our work will always unite, never divide.
Accountability and Responsibility
  1. We are always responsible & accountable in our actions:
  • Our actions will teach citizens to be responsible and leadership accountable.
  • Each member is individually responsible for his/her actions.
  • We will always move forward even if it means taking high risks
  1. We Listen & we Learn (always):
  • We embrace good ideas from all sources.
  • We embrace diversity in perspective, viewpoint, thinking and actions.
  • We listen to people, even if they hold views diverging from our own.
  • We value advice (& push-back), but recognize the power of quick decisions over prolonged consensus-building.
  • We are adaptive, flexible and respond to what we hear
  • We face our mistakes sooner than later.
Love and Empathy
  1. We love our members!
  • Everyone who works here is an owner.
  • We help our members succeed in their entrepreneurial and social ventures.
  • We will succeed together.
  • We don’t mind who takes the credit for our work.
  1. Power eventually corrupts everyone. That is why we make sure changes in our leadership at regular intervals.