It feels like many more responsibilities have been added upon me, which inspires me to show up my hidden abilities and competencies. Recently, I completed my study based on social work. My home district is Solukhumbu. My father is a laborious farmer. We are six members in our family. I began to start working from Bibeksheel Nepali. I have worked as a volunteer  being associated with many social organizations such as, programme against women discrimination, cleanliness program, traffic helper and so on.

    I believe that the person who is always responsible towards his/her each duties and responsibilities deserves to be called as Bibeksheel. Election kept happening and the politicians kept changing their faces, but not the working style of these politicians changed. Everyone showed up the same identity of irresponsiveness. The feeling of nationality has died these days, finally resulting to political instability in our nation. This has caused lot of suffering to many innocent Nepalese people like me. I, therefore, thinking that it is worth nothing believing that our politicians will put an end to this tradition, I myself have thought of taking a new step in the politics so as to change its face.

    I will do my best to create the system reflecting each Nepalese people, and inspire and motivate the youngsters of our nation to hit the floor of politics. It will be my responsibility to create awareness about the need of youngsters to our nation.

    Through strong motivation and inspiration, and showing them what I am capable of doing, creating a new face of effective politics is my main objective of entering politics. As a major consideration of all these aspects, I shall achieve our common goal of effective and productive system.

    The main positive aspect about Bibeksheel is its encouragement to every people to be a responsible citizen and the true warriors of the nation and love our motherland.

    I shall teach every member to be aware of the fact and courageous enough to fight every situation bravely.

    The unsuccessful politics and the irresponsible citizens is the major problem of Nepal and development of effective politics and system in the nation is its solution. I prefer discussion regarding these topics and to make a research about these things and learn through internet. I listen to songs, travel new places and either wait for the alternatives or act as I, myself am the alternative.