Name: Rohit Virat

    Date of Birth: 1995-june-09

    Post in BN: Active member

    Involved in Bibeksheel Nepali from : 2015 May 4

    2006 A.D. (062/63 B.S.) in the timeline of history, a country became a democratic republic in the 21st century ,that was Nepal.Out-rooting the long monarchy system seems a step of achievement on the way of progress. During the strike, a boy of 11 get stepped into this world of politics, thinking simply for whom this is for? Gradually on ageing he found, that was for the people by the people in did. His thoughts was, ‘now I also have to do something for those humans who are waiting for the taste of life in them’.

    He think now i have to go. But where? How ? How can i trust the present political parties who were/are not accountable ? now this he is me .

    All together, this is one platform where the youths are praised to do something new and improved than previous exercise in political history. As a fact that behind every door there is a space, similarly there’s a story behind every soul, the only thing is if u create walls it is called room. So  I ask every visonary youth, to realize their story and be a part of change. I appeal every visonary youth that if you want to breath in a land of prosperity than come let’s be a gardener of our land.