Name: Ranju Darshana

    Date of Birth: 1996-03-03

    Post in BN: Kathmandu District Executive Head

    Interests BESIDE POLITICS: Writing poems, Social sector

    Joined Bibeksheel Nepali on: 11/2/2013 13:01:42

    Ranju Darshana is a Nepali Human. She is an aspiring Female youth leader who dreams high as she believes, one must have to dream first to achieve later on. One of her greatest dreams is NEPAL.

    She is a torchbearer.

    Every one of us here is struggling in our life. The only difference is each one of us has a unique story of our life. But we also have many things similar within our life. And that is the environment we are in, the society we have been influenced by or compelled to be a follower of many cultures which are now not relevant.

       Youths have high energy and excessive potential to learn and make understand. My message to youths is, please learn about Nepal. If everyone starts feeling “Everything related to Nepal is my cup of tea” then most of the problems going on would be solved. In today’s context Politics is in every single thing we consume, every place we go to. So to have a disciplined culture, active administrations we must have to know it. And general people, ‘general’ means concerning all or most people. We ought to be much responsible, for us and for many like us. Let’s be concerned!