I am very excited but along I also feel the responsibility that has been added up on me. I have come from a middle class family. Though our ancestors belonged to Baglung, I currently am residing in Chitwan. Besides my mom and dad, there is my granny and my two little sisters in my family.

    From the Tribhuvan University, through BBS and ICAI, I have achieved the chartered accountant degree too. And, I currently am an employee in one of the chartered accountancy firm.

    Bibeksheel means to be very curious enough and dedicated to solve every minor problems and as a whole to develop positivity in the society.

    I had keen interest in politics since the very childhood. But, the way of politics that was followed in our country got me upset. Bibeksheel has enabled me to throw out the pessimistic concepts existing in the society and I always have been thankful to bibeksheel for this.

    I always have found myself and my ideas as a productive one because what I will do is going to be helpful to bibeksheel. I can see that the priority of my life has changed from me to bibeksheel.

    As a member of the association, my first priority would be the accountability and the performance of bibeksheel. As a chartered accountant, I have an ability to do what I have promised. Moreover, to take bibeksheel forward and make it accountable, I am always ready to help my team.

    The positive aspect that I see in bibeksheel is its far sighted vision and dedication of its employees.

    However,I see that bibeksheel needs some improvement in the aspects of communication and its advertisement in order to reach among all the Nepalese.And I see that Nepal is strongly lacking far sighted and accountable political system.

    Through bibeksheel,we are preparing the political system that Nepal deserves in this 21st century. And this must be expanded, followed and implemented in each districts.

    I prefer playing sports with my friends, reading literature and outing with my friends during my leisure hours.