A student of law, management and political science, Khem Shrestha is an entrepreneur by profession.

    Together with his brother, he has a nepali art design t-shirt store called  ‘Mero Chitra’ in Pokhara.
    He is working on fulfilling his dream, which is to see a prosperous and peaceful Nepal in his lifetime.
    He hopes to build a country where no child labour exists. A country where maternity and infant death rates are negligible. A country whose citizens can receive on-arrival visa in any country in this world. He believes that his dreams are only going to come true when youths of our generation take lead.

    “I start with premise that the function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers.”
    -Ralph Nader

    As quoted above, Bibeksheel Nepali endeavors to create more responsible, accountable, competent and patriotic leaders, and he believes he is one of them.
    His plan is to help today’s youths explore their leadership potentials so that together they can architect a Nepal based on equity and equality.