Namaskar. My name is Gyanendra Niraula. I have completed my Bachelor’s degree in Business studies. Though I worked as a professional medical transcriptionist for 8 years, at present I am involved in my family textile business. I belong to Jhapa though all my family members are residing in Kathmandu.


I have successfully completed all the assigned works organized by BN on social-political-economical issues in different times being involved in different roles.


In my opinion, integrity based clean politics will institutionalize all the political changes and will push forward our nation to prosperity where entrepreneurship will always be valued. For me, politics should always be guided by the nonprofit service motives. In my opinion, devotion and honesty are the basis of the ethical politics which will lay the very foundation stones to rebuild the nation.
In a country like ours, where youth population outnumbers other age groups, youths should not fail to actively take participation and take lead roles in the country’s politics and I have a very solid and strong belief that if youths of any country forwarded their globally innovative ideas and new-fashioned vision and politics in making a prosperous and developed nation and also successfully brought them in practice, then the future generation will surely be proud of this generation.