First of all thanks to all the active members. In This Bibeksheel Nepali Party’s first general assembly, to have victory in a Judiciary member I feel more powerful & added responsibility.

    In my family there is father, mother, two brothers, one sister, me & my wife with eight year old son. My father is a retired employee of Agricultural Development Bank. My wife had studied BN nursing. She had worked about 6 years at Kanti Baal Hospital. Currently she is studying MPH.

    I completed my district level education in Saraswoti Higher Secondary School in Janakpur Dham. After that i completed my SLC level in Siddhartha Banasthali Institute in Kathmandu. Then I studied ISC in Tri Chandra College but could not complete. I started my job through a Boarding school being a math teacher.I worked in a trading company as a territory sales in-charge job about a year.After that i started import Electrical and electronic parts for distribution in market with the objective of starting my own business. About ten years ago, LED lights (which in recent times have been very popular) made it light by the DC and distributed in market. Recent work under the solar electricity business also continues to be connected to homes. Now i have electric part retail store.

    To being discreet is to have responsibility for the society and the country. Looking unmanaged & discord inside the country instead of shut the mouth that came against his role in politics. My role as a judiciary member, Bibeksheel Nepali Party’s cost-recognized opposed will not allow making any acts. Good working will encouraged and evil will be discouraged. Transparency still will make more powerful.

    My objective is all coming complaints in judiciary are fairly investigating give faster decisions. The party cost – recognized action against those who work to bring the range is my responsibilities. Unity, transparency and has its own independent role of this party’s good part. Improve the party give more time should be given much more to contribute to the party.

    Nepal’s biggest problem is that a growing imprudently increasing distance between Nepalese. Here publicize the problem but not try to search the solution and ignore it. Everyone uproot the problem rather than just seek to break a branch. Identification and sustainable solution to the problem and trying to spent my time for make prosperity Nepal. Some of my free time reading newspapers and books, to listen to songs, watch movies, and if i have time i like to travel.

    My latest experience –In this general assembly management of food was my responsibility. The challenge was make food by using firewood, but two brothers cooked food for around 80 peoples for 2 times a day without any hesitation. Across the whole convention was not any kind of complaint, and everyone liked the food too . They all thank me, and also on my behalf I thanks them.