Asmita AdhikariACTIVE MEMBER

    Following is about me and my dream for Nepal.
    The Nepal of my dream is where  people are happy and healthy. Where Youth does not blame government for unemployment, but creates. Where every citizen is employed/ self-employed an every children is enrolled in school. Here, school children are not bombarded with long note to scram, but are given opportunity to flourish in what they love. Here, people are brothers and sisters regardless of caste, religion or ethnic group. In this country, people are healthy, happy, have enough money to cover modern basic needs. Women are not restricted to household and are equally involved in social, political and other work as male. The country where there are no brahmin-chhetri, no janajati- madhesi, all are Npali, all are human. There is no male, no female, all Nepali, all are Human.