Arjun Singh Thakuri (Makwanpur and Kathmandu), is an entrepreneur, a coach and a catalyst. Having studied an English Literature, an Economics and an Information

    Technology, in 2006, he had created jobs for many unemployed people to run. Besides, as of today, he links him to two information technologies, and also he shows himself as an organizer of a multi-purpose agricultural farm. And he also works as an executive member of a lifetime membership of the farm. However, he wants to bring huge change in Nepal by implying technology and less money in a business.

    Personally, he believes that all Nepali people must stop talking but to prove by working instead, which shall be implicated in all 7 days of the week, working 15 hours a day or if possible more than these numbers. Also he insists that with one generation of people working a task with both honesty and hardship is not going to bring impact on the development of a country. However it can leaves a huge impact on both development and progression of the country by creating a base only so that rest of the genres of people only have to afford an extra sweat and ultimately such amazing path showing style of beginning is what our genre possess. And this is what I should believe.