Yes, Nepal will be beautiful, peaceful & prosperous soon. 33 years old Mr. Amrit Raj Vaidya is a local resident of Gyaneshwor-33 Kalopul, Kathmandu. Till Grade 7, he studied at Martyr’s Memorial B. School and then from Grade 8 to 12 he studied at Dipendra Police School, Sanga, Kavre. After then he did B.Sc in “Computer Science” from National College of Technical Sciences. In the year 2006 he graduated M.A in “Rural Development” and then graduated in “Population Studies” from Tribhuvan University, Kirtipur. He has been engaged in medicine business (Marketing) since last 7/8 years and has keen interest in sports and music as well. He is also a founder president of social organization “Hamro Suruwat”.
    A joyful person from his childhood prioritized to love, peace & happiness as a key of real life. He was always against those small issues that are leading society into darker side mainly corruption. He was not happy with how things going on within society/country. He always wanted to be a change & bring changes; but due to lack of true friend with similar interest/aggression he was unable to give full energy. He knew about Bibeksheel Nepali and followed it on Facebook for 1/2 years; where most of the youths were frustrated with current system & were ready to fight against all odds. Many similar interested youths/people inspired him, so he joined the organization. Looking at the energetic Bibeksheel team he determined to bring some changes in his society first & then country.
    He summarizes that; every single youth/people must involve in politics directly or indirectly. At least one should be accountable what is happening in his/her local area & about current political scenario.