19 years old Mr. Karki is a social agent for Campaigns. He is a student of Social science and is an agricultural entrepreneur. He has been associated with Bibeksheel Nepali as a Co-Founder since the beginning of its establishment. Positive thoughts and determination among youths is the only way to escape the darker side of the country. He believes the trend of Brain-Drain is a major problem in our country. If same force and power can be used in our country we can definitely foster in the development sector. Prioritizing this thought he has tried to follow his beliefs and is engaged in kiwi farming and is also associated with various social institutions. No matter what sector economic or social, everything is associated with politics so in order to push the country towards development our country needs bunch of positive people. Currently he is assembling such positive people and trying to figure out the solution to change social, political and economic situation in the country.