BibekSheel Nepali follows an ideology of ‘pragmatic reforms’.

  • BibekSheel Nepali’s goal is to build a peaceful and prosperous Nepal within our own life-time. To achieve this, the path we have chosen is “pragmatic reforms” which is based on balanced, reformative (ameliorative) and pragmatic approaches.
  • To address the needs of citizens and society, first there needs to be a balance, co-operation and co-existence between these two. While building a prosperous Nepal, BibekSheel Nepali will take balanced and progressive actions to ensure both individual and societal interests.
  • Society is ever-changing because of evolution of new ideas and practices over time. That is why BibekSheel Nepali will lead the society pragmatically towards a path where necessary ideas and approaches can be transformed and hereby transforms itself in the course of time.
  • We are committed to building an accountable governing system based on the full participation of citizens.  We believe in the supremacy of citizens, rule of law, equal access to opportunities, individual freedom as well as public welfare and national interests.
  • BibekSheel Nepali believes in practicing cultured, progressive politics. We value ethical delivery of our political ideals.

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