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We train and mentor anyone who wants to be an Entrepreneur in Nepal. We have already mentored  more than 100 Nepalis to be self reliant and start entrepreneurship in Nepal rather than going abroad. Here are more details in this link.

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  • she

    My 2 cents:

    Why does a Nepali feel the need to earn a lot of money?

    1. HEALTHCARE : I see this topic often neglected. But healthcare is the reason we are inclined to earn and save as much as we can for future, though we may or may not need it at present. We are afraid if something happens, we won’t be able to afford healthcare. I think government should subsidize or insure basic or critical healthcare at the earliest. This is also one of the reasons people live abroad. Bibeksheel team, please give it a good thought and let’s take an initiative.

    2. Housing: This one should be solved rather easily by decentralization. Most of us have a place to call home somewhere in the country. If we can work from our hometown/village, huge burden of expenses will go away.

    It is important to address the need for money, when we are targeting the roots of corruption. Of course people need money always, but when the need is removed from basic things like healthcare and shelter, the relief is liberating.

    • Ujwal Thapa

      Thank you for your advise ! We will discuss in depth on this..

  • Rupak

    Most of the points you have included are practical and viable. I appreciate this initiative and wish you a good luck in forthcoming CA II election. Though i have few suggestions regarding your content.
    If we are planning for something better to do, we must be very careful and dedicated in all the aspect of our presentation. As i see in your content there are lots of errors, as it might not be great deal, but there remains something imperfect. And this may not leave good impression to its viewers. I think so.
    I think you should revise the content and let professional work on this matter.

    Regarding the whole content and ideas, they seem nice and addressing to this contemporary political scenario. I have been following your initiatives since few months and have observed that there is overwhelming participation in this forum, and it seems it will have good impact in upcoming CA election.

    All the best for this good initiative.

    • Rijen Shrestha

      The point of this campaign is not professionalism but the very opposite of what you view. What Ujwal dai and the gang want to portray is the very fact that they are not professional politician but young entrepreneurs who have had enough of the dilly-dallying by the political parties.

      The ‘Dog’ group want to show that it is not just the politician, and by that i mean professional politician, who earn their living from politics are not the only one who can run a country. They want to show that EVERYONE including those in other mainstream professions can also have an impact.

      This is one of the best innovations and initiatives that i have seen in this country in a long time, and i don’t mean just politically. Kudos to the group. I salute you.

    • Ujwal Thapa

      Thank you for your advice Rupak. In the coming days we will improve our imperfections that you have rightly mentioned. Together we will build a prosperous Nepal in our life time.

  • Suman Kc

    In case of governing system, In America, each president can be elected as president maximum for two times only, in UK prime minister also has maximum two terms of governance( i.e. can be PM only two times). Such practice will increase more democracy, one person will do more work of development and serve his people because his chance are not unlimited. So he will not say ” i will fill my stomach this time and when i will win another election then i will serve people” because constitution does not allow him to fight in election more than two times, so he will always concentrate on serving his nation.
    Look Girija prasad koirala he became prime minister 4-5 times and sher bahadur deuwa is still seeing dream of again becoming PM another times, What a undemocratic practice. Look probability of becoming same person chief executive of Nation for innumerable times is indirect autocracy, because the same person is ruling the nation, all over his life-time. So I hope u understood and will take stand on this also.

  • rahul nepal

    amazing think good job.

  • chetanath niraula

    बिबेकशिल नेपालिको सबै कार्यनीति र योजना ब्यबहारिक र सन्तुलित छ।अब समय आयेपछी यसलाइ पुर्ण रुपमा ब्यबहारमा उतार्न सक्ने सम्यन्त्र निर्माण र त्यो सम्यन्त्रको सफल कार्य सम्पादन नै मुख्य चुनौती हो।नेपाली जनतामा केइ दरिलो आशा जगाउन यो दल सफल भएको छ।यदि यसरी नै जनताको बिस्वास जित्दै जाने हो भने सम्पुर्ण नेपाली जनताको जिम्मेवार,निस्वार्थ सहभागिता र सहयोग पाउने कुरामा कुनै सङ्का छैन।

  • Sheikh Aashik Ali

    हाम्रो नीतिहरु किताब सँगै झोला मा न हुने भए हामी आज सींगो यूरोप मा हुन्थियो।

  • Hem Pun

    We have one of the worst bureaucratic system in the world, we must work to get rid of the out of date system to enable the new generation to work in the new era. Mentoring alone won’t help in long term when we have the system that fails.

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