Declaration of “Independence” from existing political forces of Nepal

A day comes once in our life-time when each Nepali must make a choice that will affect the future of our nation. Today we have such a choice. Do we choose to unite Nepalis of all ages, tribes, beliefs and help make Nepal a shining beacon of humanity? Or we let this day also pass to find Nepal  a failed nation ?

Our common sense tells us, “It is our right to live free of hunger and free of fear in Nepal.”  Therefore, it is our responsibility to rise against anyone who restricts us these non-negotiable rights. Should Nepal’s rulers withhold us these rights, it is our duty to stop supporting them and organize ourselves to defend our rights. Standing up for these rights, means that our government always remains a servant of its citizens, never its master.

Today, nearly half of us Nepali are just teenagers while 3 out of 4 are still under the age of 40. From the day we were born, all we have ever seen, heard or felt is abject poverty, bruised dignity, fear and death as a result of numerous ideological experiments, and an endless musical chair of one ‘master’ replacing another. These rulers have dashed our hopes for a peaceful, prosperous Nepal again and again. And as we grow closer and closer towards the end of our natural lives, our dreams remain ever-shattered !


For the past 100 years, all we ever wanted was a leadership that would lead our young nation out of poverty and feudalism towards prosperity and equality . Is this a lot to ask, when millions of fellow men and women around the world, this very moment, take such rights for granted? But, no, not here in Nepal, our rulers wearing different hats, continue to loot us naked while promising us the moon.


We are tired. Tired of the vicious cycle of tyranny from our rulers, these political forces who continue to fight for their dogmatic ideologies and age old beliefs, but never do they fight for us citizens who put them there in the first place.

Today we declare independence from the tyranny of Nepal’s existing political forces. Here are our reasons why we deem necessary to fight their tyranny once and for all.

  1. They have looted billions of our money in the name of creating a just, fear-free society under an inclusive constitution, which they never delivered.

  2. They have worked against the very spirit of Jana Andolan 2063 B.S and the interim constitution of Nepal.

  3. They have made our democratic power to elect them meaningless by putting the very people we voted out in election to the highest positions of power.

  4. They have conspired to silence our voices by not conducting local elections for last 10 years.

  5. They have broken their promises of creating ample opportunities for us inside Nepal and instead exploit those who work outside Nepal to sustain families back home.

  6. They have institutionalized tyranny in the name of democracy, anarchy in the name of rule of law, and impunity in the name of freedom.

  7. They have made a mockery of the rule of law by

    • Protecting murderers, and threatening the kin of the ones they murder.

    • Sending their henchmen to extort, terrorize and kidnap us Nepalis to fund their excesses,

    • Aligning themselves with known “wanted” criminals, recruiting and elevating them in positions of power.

    • Forcefully removed free and fair competition in trade and business in Nepal,

    • Kept private armies among us and actually stealing from their own foot-soldiers.

  8. They have lied to us every-time we went to their doorsteps to humbly request that they correct themselves.

  9. They have consistently infringed upon our basic right to freely move in Nepal by violently enforcing “Bandhs” and strikes.

  10. They have obstructed justice to us by blocking or not implementing recommendations by various truth and reconciliation teams to right wrongs done by all sides in the decade long civil war (1996-2006).

  11. They have weakened our Judiciary by disobeying or undermining their verdicts.

  12. They have refused to install anyone in key constitutional bodies so that none may investigate their corrupt practices.

  13. They have made our villages and towns poorer by diverting development funds to enrich their own cadres.

  14. They have continued to divide :

    • Nepalis to fight with each other on  the basis of ethnicity, caste, age or status,

    • Professional organizations along party lines reducing their efficiency or purpose,

    • Their own parties into feudal sects providing no opportunity for fresh faces to lead,

    • Universities and educational institutions into warring political platforms instead of centers of excellence.

  15. They have undermined our bureaucracy by putting their cronies inside our government paid forth by the citizens of Nepal.

  16. They have shamed our nation by listening to others much more than from us – The Citizens.

  17. They have harmed our country’s economy by refusing to sign important international agreements

  18. They have focused on begging for foreign aid while strangling our economy.

  19. They live a lavish life using the money they have looted from us while we Nepalis – on the other hand – are forced to live a life without our basic needs like regular electricity, water, fuel, security, education and affordable health-care.

  20. They have made our beloved country, a “Failed Nation.”

In the past we have repeatedly – through personal requests, petitions, civil disobedience, lawsuits, elections, citizen protests,and through appeals for greater morality – called them to improve their ways.  In-fact we have in the past given unwavering support and our lives in fight they led against authoritarian regimes of the past, such as the monarchy.


  • We have gone to the streets and laid our lives, bruised our bodies, bared our souls in the revolution of 1990 and Jana Andolan 2006 to bring down authoritarian regimes.

  • We have tried to hold our rulers accountable by  launching hundreds of peaceful citizens protests across Nepal and around the world.

  • We have tried to protect those who are fighting corruption, when they have been threatened from political hoodlums.

  • We have tried to create broad alliance of anti-bandh movements in the cities  to remove the culture of fear created by them.

  • We have clearly warned repeatedly our rulers personally and publicly, to rectify their ways.

  • We have repeatedly filed lawsuits against these rulers who abused their power.

  • We have tried to boycott these politicians socially.

  • We have even tried to stop them from leaving the country which they regularly do, instead of making the constitution.

  • We have tried to show them how ethical and non-violently protests can be done by our own examples.

  • We have tried to gain attention of their public duties by working with the government bodies on social work, that our rulers will learn from our gesture and will fulfill their duties.

  • We have even voted out unpopular politicians only to see them return to power illegally.

  • Nepalis- from every part of the country -have protested peacefully, forcefully, silently, vocally,with words. Yet, they have kept turning a blind eye and a deaf ear to us.

It is now evident that none of the current political leaders have the basic “common sense” to think about the rest of us. They are not worthy to lead us as they have no intention to serve us.

That is why with the help of visionary Nepali citizens, we are starting an independent political platform:

  • With principles that define our highest values

  • With goals to lead Nepal to a bright new future

  • With knowledge of what not to do based on our learning of the mistakes made by the existing forces so far

  • To lead Nepal to a peaceful, prosperous future.

We call upon all law abiding Nepalis to come together and join this common sense political platform to gain independence from the existing political forces in Nepal.

In declaring this, we the signatories of BibekSheel Nepali विवेकशील नेपाली , pledge our honor, our focus and our lives to the 27 million Nepalis and towards the service of greater humanity.

Join us.

Read our vision (link)